Kidderminster Masonic Centre

About Us

How it all started at Chester Road...

Back in 2008, The Briars Hotel, Kidderminster, our home of more than 40 years, was forced to close. This left Kidderminster Freemasonry potentially homeless. W.Bro's Colin Young, PSGD, Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master and Adrian Church, PProvSGW, managed to negotiate with Mr John Macaskill, the General Manager of the Ramada Hotel in Habberley, resulting in us having a temporary home. Mr Macaskill and his staff have given us a wonderful professional service during our temporary stay in Habberley, for which we will always be extremely grateful.  

Freemasonry in Kidderminster has been around since the very early nineteenth century, so we were obviously concerned about our future. W.Bro Colin Young, the then Chairman of the Kidderminster House Committee, made contact with Mr Norman Broadfield, Chairman of the Chester Road Sports and Social Club. The result of many discussions over the following few years was that we were able to fund and build the Kidderminster Masonic Centre, under the banner of the newly formed Kidderminster Masonic Community Charity, a registered charity focusing on the charitable work we do, both locally and nationally.   

The building of our new Centre started on Wednesday 21st September 2011, project managed by W.Bro Mike Langdon of Old Carolian Lodge No. 7599. Mike came out of retirement to manage this project and with the assistance of W.Bro Mick Insull, also of Old Carolian Lodge and W.Bro Martin Lawrence of The Lodge of Hope and Charity No. 377, all of whom have daily given their services, skills and enthusiasm, totally free of charge. It would be wrong to name all those who have helped with the great success of this project, suffice it to say that those who have given time, materials or contributed in any way whatsoever know who you are and we are eternally grateful.  

Why did we feel the need to enter into such a major project? A project that has taken over the lives of the committee, the builders and those who have managed the fund raising. The answer is simple - Freemasonry has been around for centuries and has raised vast sums of money for masonic and non-masonic charities. Membership of the fraternity itself is something to be proud of and it teaches valuable lessons to those involved. The sheer longevity of the association is proof that Freemasonry is worth preserving!

Kidderminster Masonic Centre is the home of six Craft Lodges, two Holy Royal Arch Chapters, one Mark Lodge, a Knight Templar Preceptory, a Red Cross of Constantine Conclave, one Rose Croix Chapter, one Order of the Secret Monitor Conclave, one Order of Athelstan, one Order of the Scarlet Cord, one Knights Beneficent of the Holy City, and the Lodge of Hope and Charity No 377 Kidderminster General Lodge of Instruction.

We also offer a secure Wi-fi access for those who require it.