Kidderminster Masonic Centre

100 year Anniversary Remembrance Sunday

The Freemasons of Kidderminster responded to a request from Comberton Primary School, Kidderminster.

One of the School's activities includes taking the children out on Nature Walks where they take part in many different projects.

The school provides over clothing and dungarees to protect the school uniforms, most of this clothing was now very old, dirty and ripped and no longer suitable for purpose and in urgent need of replacing.

together all the Lodges that meet at Kidderminster made a donation and the sum handed to the School was £500 to purchase new clothing.


Below is the lovely card of thanks received from the pupils at the School.





Freemasons from Kidderminster Lodge rooms joined the Remembrance parade through Kidderminster aand at the Service at St. Mary's Church.



Kidderminster Freemasons help with Poppy Sales for the Royal British Legion

RBL Sainsburys 2- Copy.jpg

Pictures : W.bro Cec Cariss, W.Bro Martin Lawrence, V.W.Bro Stepehn Wyer, Bro Bob McCliesh

and local branch organiser for the RBL Kyle Toolan.



The newley formed Worcestershire Chapter of thwe Widows Sons MAsonic Biker Association had their inaugural ride around the province visiting every Masonic meeting place in Wocrestershire. Pictured are some of the  members who braved the persistant rain.

Taken on Sunday 4th July 2021.



 Covid - 19 restrictions in force and social distancing followed, \kidderminster \freemasons still managed to lay a wreath at the cenotaph at St. Mary's Church.

Brother Bob Mc Leish having the honur this year as his daily constitutional exercise detoured to take in the Cenotaaph.

2020.1.jpg (thumbnail)2020.3.jpg (thumbnail)2020.2.jpg


The Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter held at Kidderminster Masonic Centre on Thursday 1st October 2020 was opened at 11.00am by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, John M Phenix, the Second Provincial Grand Principal A John Yeates PGStB and the Third Provincial Grand Principal Barry J Griffin PGStB, also in attendance were E Comp T M Jones PGDC PGStB, E Comp B M Harper PGSE PGStB and E Comp C G Cariss PPrGSE PGStB. Under the RULE of SIX. The General Business of Provincial Grand Chapter was dealt with, the MEGS addressed the Companions present and PGC was closed at 11.35am.

A most unusual but enjoyable Meeting held under the COVID-19 RULE of SIX.


Chapter - Copy.jpg




One ceremony, four Worshipful Masters. From the left: WBro A Moody, WM of St John’s Lodge (acting SW); WBro G Collins,  WM Old Carolian; WBro N Evans, WM Chaddesley Corbett (acting Senior Deacon); and WBro A Hinton, WM Hope & Charity (acting JW).

Masters 1a.jpg

In the name of friendship…

Old friendships were revived and new ones made when Old Carolian Lodge hosted the Kidderminster Craft Lodges Inaugural Annual Meeting. The superb Masonic centre attached to the town’s cricket club opened in 2012 and now five Craft lodges meet there. All were invited to the first of what will undoubtedly become a yearly celebration. Not only that, but three reigning Masters and other senior visiting brethren joined OC Master Glen Collins in conducting a Second Degree ceremony for Bro K J Price.

WBro Glen said: “We thought it would be a good idea to strengthen the bonds of friendship between Kidderminster lodges and it certainly did that. There was a great feeling of unity both in the lodge room and at the festive board. It was a huge success.”

Plans are already in hand for another joint celebration next year when St John’s Lodge will be the host.



2019 Remembrance.JPG

The Deputy P.G.M. led a small contingent of Kidderminster Freemasons in the Remembrance Parade which

included 3 ex service members.




2018 Parade.jpg Muster for Parade 2018 - Copy.jpg

 All ready to take part in the Remembrance Parade through Kidderminster town, and arrival at St Mary's Church.

Wreath 2017

Sun, 12th November 2017

Remembrance Sunday Parade

A wreath laid by Brother Andrew Hinton on behalf of the Freemasons from Kidderminster.

The annual Remembrance Sunday parade through Kidderminster ending at St. Mary's Church.

Tercentenary Presntation

Wed, 19th April 2017

Charity Cheque Presntations

To celebrate 300 years of Grand Lodge, Worcestershire Masons raised funds for local based small Charities in their region. On Wednesday 19th April 2017, eleven Chariites nominated by Masons from Kidderminster were presented Cheques, a total of £5,000 being donated on that night.

In the picture from left to right are W. Bro Martin LAwrence Kidderminster Lodge room Chairman, centre W. Bro Stephen Wyre the Deputy Provincial Grand Master designate and to the right W. Bro Chris Firminger the Provincial Grand Charity Steward.


Tue, 12th July 2016

Kidderminster Masonic Hall in Freemasonry Today

Brethren please follow the link below to see the article in Freemasonry Today regarding Kidderminster Masonic Hall


Sun, 3rd July 2016

Birchen Coppice Appeal



The Worcestershire Masonic Orders meeting at Kidderminster collected £4350 with the generous help of Red Cross of Constantine, Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children Fund.

W Bro Martin Lawrence, Chairman Kidderminster Masonic Temple Association coordinated the appeal to meet the cost of running a six week holiday camp for children from Birchen Coppice School. Based on the Birchen Coppice Estate which is council home estate and has many problems. The estate has double the national average of poverty and deprivation, is ridden with anti-social behaviour, has alcohol and drug dependency problems. Many of the parents of the children who attend the school are illiterate. During school holidays many of the children are left to their own devices lose on the estate without food for the day.

Mrs Charlotte Jeynes the School Events & Fund raising organiser is passionate about the welfare of these children and is to organise a summer school so they can have a place to attend.

The School motto is “Reach for the Stars”and the holiday club is to be called “COSMOS”.

The purpose of this event and it is hoped to run such events for all school holidays is to maintain the social and emotional development of the children who are between 4 and 12 years of age, along with maintaining welfare for them and provide a cooked meal for up to 50 children per day. Many of the children receive little or no education from their parents and after a six week period off school the continuity of education has been lost and the teaching staff have to start back  from step one to get the child on the path of further education, this holiday camp will give the child access to continued education. Parents will also be able to attend to receive basic reading and writing skills  and introduction to computer skills  so they can have an understanding of what their children are aiming to achieve.

The Rising Stars Holiday Club will be open Monday to Friday from 10am to 3pm and in addition to maintaining their education, they will also be involved in activities to help build their esteem. They will maintain their own allotment and then sell the produce teaching them planning and business skills and be taken away from the estate on a trip to the seaside, as many of the children have never left the Estate not even into Kidderminster town centre.

Pictured left to right

R W Bro Robert Vaughan Prov Grand Master. Mrs Kay Butler Headmistress, W B Martin Lawrence Chairman KMTA, Mrs Charlotte Jeynes School Events and Fund Organiser, W B Colin Young PAsstPGM and Intendent General of the Red Cross of Constantine.


Tue, 28th June 2016

New Case Stand


Tue, 28th June 2016

New storage case stand and cupboards.

First fitting of new storage cupbaords and case stand.

20151108_110950 - Copy.jpg

Sun, 8th November 2015

Remembrance Parade 2015

Brother Andrew Hinton lays a wreath on behalf of Kidderminster Masonic Temple.


Sun, 8th November 2015

Remembrance Sunday 2015

Kidderminster Masons attend the Kidderminster Lord Mayors Remembrance Sunday Parade.

Husum Bro's No 1.jpg

Sat, 9th May 2015

New News Item


Exploring the possibility of twinning Kidderminster Lodge rooms with the Lodge rooms in Husum Germany, three Brothers from Husum make a visit to Kidderminster Masonic Temple.


Pictured from the left: W.Bro Martin Lawrence W.Bro's  Klaus Luking , Horst Bauer , Ulf Von Hielmcrone and W. Bro Colin Young.


Sun, 9th November 2014

Poppy Wreath


Sun, 9th November 2014

Remembering the Fallen

Kidderminster Masons joined the Lord Mayors Parade and laying of wreaths,to remember those who gave their lives for their country. A wreath was layed by Worshipful Bother Des Singh on behalf of all of the Masons of Kidderminster Masonic Temple.


Sun, 9th November 2014

Rememberance Parade Photo's.

home-start cheque 002 copy.jpg

Sun, 14th September 2014

Charity Presentation

W. Bro Bernard Whiting presents a cheque for £1000 to Belinda Derby Manager of Homestart Wyre Forest during the open day at Kidderminster Lodge rooms.

H & C Cheque.jpg

Sun, 14th September 2014

Charity Presentation

W.Bro Peter Ricketts presents a cheque for £400 to the Chairman of The League of Friends of Kidderminster Hospital


Wed, 13th August 2014

Honours Boards Updated

Once again during the summerr recess the opportunity to update the honours boards is taken. The skill of signwriting like so many other tradional crafts is dying out, with computer printng  now so readily available. So to have the services of W. Bro Gordon Dutton available to update all our boards in the old and traditional ways is much appreciated. With over 50 years experience Gordon moves from board to board with not a blink of an eye to the change in fonts and sizing of letters. Each letter is skillfully hand painted with a gold coloured fixing and then 23.5 % Gold leaf is layered in place. Each page of gold leaf is hand beaten to 4 x 4 inch squares to a thickness of a few thousandth of an inch. The result is superb, and unlike computer printed lettering, it will remain a bright gold colour and not turn black with age. So now the honours boards at Kidderminster are fully updated and for the years ahead those blessed with being the Master of the Lodge have their names appended as the history of the future.

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Sun, 7th July 2013

Masons on the loose

Brethren this is what happens when the DC takes his eye off the ball

Mick I.jpeg

Mick L.jpeg


Thu, 14th March 2013

W Bro S J Wyer Promotion

W Bro S J Wyer (Assistant Prov Grand Master) to be promoted from PAGReg to PSGD

Congratulations from all at Old Carolian Lodge


Fri, 8th March 2013

New News Item

W Bro M T Insull will receive his first appointment of PProvSGD at PGL later this year.

W Bro I Neal will also be promoted to PProvSGW

Congratulations from all at Old Carolian Lodge


Wed, 12th December 2012

New Provincial Grand Master for Worcestershire

At the meeting of Grand Lodge in London today, it was announced that the Most Worshipful The Grand Master has been pleased to appoint Very Worshipful Brother Robert C. Vaughan, Past Grand Sword Bearer, to the office of PROVINCIAL GRAND MASTER for Worcestershire, following the retirement of Right Worshipful Brother Richard G H Goddard next Spring.

Congratulations from Old Carolian Lodge

default news image

Sat, 6th October 2012


North East Corner


One year ago today we laid the corner stone of the lodge in the North East corner of the building.

It seems only a few months ago that we were working on the first stages of our new home and yet we are now celebrating a momentous stage in the future of Freemasonry in Kidderminster. One whole year has gone by since the bricklayer placed the fist block on the footings. They say time flies when you're having fun!


Sat, 23rd June 2012

W.Bro Stephen Wyer, PAGReg - New APGM

W.Bro Stephen Wyer, PAGReg, was invested as the new Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Worcestershire at the Annual meeting in the beautiful University of Birmingham's Great Hall. W.Bro Stephen will take over from W.Bro Colin Young, PSGD, PAsstPGM and undoubtedly carry out his duties in the manner we have come to expect from him; Calm, controlled and with precision!

W.Bro Stephen is also the Provincial Prior in the Masonic and Military Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta, or the "United Orders". Commonly  referred to as "Knights Templar". They do say if you want it done well, give it to a busy man. Well W.Bro Stephen is undoubtedly a busy man but rest assured, he will do all that is required to assist the RW.Provincial Grand Master in the ruling of our wonderful Province. We wish him good health to perform the duties of his high office.




Sat, 23rd June 2012

New Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Worcestershire

Congratulations Stephen on your appointment to the high office of Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Worcestershire.

We are immensely proud of you


Sat, 23rd June 2012

W.Bro Colin Young Retires as AsstPGM

At the Annual meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire, W.Bro Colin Young, PSGD retired after 8 and a half years as Assistant Provincial Grand Master. The RW. Provincial Grand Master thanked W.Bro Colin for all that he had done for the Province during his term in office. He also mentioned that W.Bro Colin would be continuing with his role as head of the Training and Education team and Chairman of the Worcestershire Masonic Library and Museaum, both jobs extremely well done!. The good news is that we will still see W.Bro Colin on the the circuit as he will be covering for the RW. Provincial Grand Master as and when required.

I'm sure that we would all like to thank W.Bro Colin for all he has done and wish him well when he does eventually retire.


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Thu, 31st May 2012

Dedication Ceremony

An unforgettable ceremony


It was a Masonic event not seen in Worcestershire for at least 50 years and the Dedication of Kidderminster’s new temple attracted a full house of about 100 Masons.

Those present were treated to a magnificent and fascinating ceremony performed by the Provincial Grand Master himself  - a “first”  even for him – and there supporting him were all his senior officers.

Prayers throughout were interspersed with the Oration, the Invocation and three anthems sung by the Provincial Choir conducted by W Bro Tim Morris with music composed especially for the occasion by W Bro David Morgan.

Early in the ceremony, the PGM received a scroll containing the architect’s plans for the new building. He then presented it to the Provincial Grand Superintendant  of  Works with instructions for him safe keeping.

Centrepiece of the ritual was the Invocation when the PMG scattered “The Elements of Consecration”  around the First Tracing Board placed in the middle of the room – corn for Plenty and Abundance, wine for Joy and Cheerfulness, and oil for Peace and Unanimity.

In formally dedicating the temple, the PGM intoned: “To God and His Service we dedicate this Temple, also to the memory of the Royal Solomon under whose auspices many of our Masonic mysteries had their origin.”

At the end of the formal proceedings, the PGM asked W Bro Mike Langston to come to the Chair and, much to Mike’s surprise and delight, he was told that for his extraordinary achievement in building the temple he was to be immediately promoted to  PPGSupt Wks – an award greeted with acclamation by all those present.

And afterwards, in proposing  a toast to “The Kidderminster Masonic Temple,” the PGM declared “Welcome home – and what a home!”

So an historic and moving evening came to a close and left all those present with memories they will never forget. 

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Tue, 8th May 2012

Great News for Old Carolian Lodge Installation meeting.

Parking won't be a problem now !

Worcestershire CCC is pleased to be able to announce that the LV= County Championship match against Surrey CCC will be played at New Road, as originally planned.

The match had initially been moved to the Chester Road North Ground in Kidderminster because of the extensive flooding that covered the outfield last week. However, due to the improved drainage facilities put in place after the last major flood in 2007, the ground and facilities were completely clear of flood water this afternoon (Monday, 07/05/12).Good News For Old Carolian!

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Sun, 18th March 2012

New Masonic Home

With the completion of the new Kidderminster Masonic Centre, The Old Carolian Lodge have a new permanent home and marks a new era for Kidderminster Fremasonry

We will be the first Lodge to hold an Installation meeting there details of which are shown under the Events tab of this webpage.

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Fri, 2nd March 2012

Watch this space!

A Date For Your Masonic Diary

On the 31st May 2012, the Province are planning to dedicate the new Kidderminster Masonic Centre.

We will keep you updated of the details as they unfold.

7599 Logo - 28.JPG

Sun, 22nd January 2012

New Assistant Provincial Grand Master for Worcestershire

It was announced yesterday at The Worcestershire Installed Masters' Lodge No 6889 by The Provincial Grand Master that W Bro Stephen Wyer, Past Assistant Grand Registrar, Provincial Junior Grand Warden in 1992 and a Past Master of Old Carolian Lodge No 7599 would be appointed Assistant Provincial Grand Master at Provincial Grand Lodge in June.

Many congratulations from the brethren of Old Carolian Lodge.

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