Kidderminster Masonic Centre

Kidderminster based Units

Order Name No  
  Lodge of Hope & Charity 377  
  Regis Lodge ( Staff's ) 4463  
  St John's Lodge 6414  
  Old Carolian Lodge 7599  
  Chaddesley Corbett Lodge 8942  
  Cyfrinfa Dewi Sant Lodge 9135  
Royal Arch      
  Chapter of Hope & Charity 377  
  Bromsgrove Chapter 5414  
Mark Masonry      
  St George's Lodge 1290  
United Orders (Knight Templar)      
  St Mary & All Saints Preceptory 367  
Ancient & Acepted Rite (Rose Croix)      
  Breme Chapter 862  
Red Cross of Constantine      
  St Dunstan Conclave 519  
Order of the Secret Monitor      
  Bromsgrove Conclave 224  
Order of Athelstan      
  Wychbury Court 23  
Order of the Scarlet Cord      
  Worcestershire Consistory 29  
Rectified Scottish Rite      
  The Severn Lodge of Scottish Masters of St Andrew 19